‘Lifetime’ – A Third Year Interaction Design Project For Charities


One of our final year projects during the ID module in my third year of university was to implement technology into an element of a chosen charity’s infrastructure to improve user experience. We chose to create a working digital memory box prototype for the families of those in end of life care for terminal illnesses, that charity being St. Peter’s Hospice.

Using RFID scanners it will scan an item of memorable significance that has a removable tag, and when plugged into a television will display any form of media that is chosen to be assigned to that tag when scanned. Once we pitched the prototype to the head of marketing for St. Peter’s Hospice, who we worked in partnership with, he had extreme interest in developing the idea in the future and arranged a pitch meeting with his superiors, which is currently in talks.

My roles in the group included the design of the box, the graphic design of the poster and logo, the maintaining of the MaxMSP software and talking to people interested in our poster presentation by briefing them on the technology and development of our project.

Lifetime Poster
The final outcome explained

We were also given the opportunity to present our prototype and poster at an awards show at the end of the year. The concept and working prototype gathered a lot of attention and positive feedback.